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At first I wasn’t going to go to the Thoroughfare Plan Open House (Thursday 9/30, 6pm) because I didn’t see any mention of bikes. I thought that I had done my civic duty by attending the bike plan meetings. Well, apparently there is a special plan rolled into the Thoroughfare plan: the road diet of Abram from Cooper to Collins. It will mean bike lanes and on-street parking for downtown. Great right?

Unfortunately a few businesses on Abram don’t see it that way. They are planning to attend Thursday’s meeting to let our elected officials know they oppose any such progress.

Upon hearing this I got angry. And I cleared my busy playboy calendar so I could attend to show my support for the Abram St road diet, on-street parking and bike lanes.

I would like to see you clear your busy calendars as well, my Bike Friendly people, and show your support for bike lanes by coming to the second floor of City Hall on Thursday 9/30 at 6pm.

When you get there, please feel free to:
-Mark on the maps with your comments and support for the bike lanes on Abram St;
-Talk with council people about your support for the street diet;
-Engage representatives from the opposition, letting them know that bike activity would increase business, not take away from it.

If you feel the need to arm yourself with some talking points, you can glean a few from these studies: & (more on home values but good stuff for sure)

Click to access Ec019_i5.pdf

Click to access walkability.pdf (number of studies here) (number of studies here)

Field Day, October 2nd!

On Saturday, October 2nd, join BFA for a fun day of bicycle games. We’ll have bike limbo, a frame toss, a bike scavenger hunt around the city, and good times celebrating our beautiful bicycles!
We’ll be at Doug Russell Park at Cooper and Mitchell from noon to 6.

Come out, and bring a friend!

Facebook event

Thanks to everyone who braved the rain (by bike & by car) last week to come out to Arlington’s final open house for our new hike & bike plan.

The plan is currently in draft form, ready for your perusal.

(it is very long, but note Appendix C for Pilot Projects, and Appendix H for neighborhood-by-neighborhood tiled maps for close-in looks at what’s on the plan for your area)

The following are dates for public meetings where the plan will be presented:

November 1st: Parks Board

November 2nd: Presentation to City Council at Work Session

November 10th: Planning and Zoning Commission Public Hearing

and mark your calendars now for:

November 16th: City Council Public Hearing (Council will consider adoption of plan)

We will keep you posted of these meetings as they arise, and stay tuned for more information about the plan before it goes to Council.

The pictures below are some word clouds showing the frequency of words used by the public to answer the following questions:

Do you have any further comments or ideas?

What do you think are the top roadway corridors most needing pedestrian and bicycle improvements?

For those of you (us?) who regularly miss late night TV, here’s a great interview with Bill McKibben regarding the use of fossil fuels and the dangerous future we face if we keep relying on cars the way we’ve grown accustomed.

Support BFA

BFA is a group of local cycling advocates dedicated to encouraging the use of bicycles as regular transportation. We try to encourage people to use their bicycles instead of their motor vehicles for short, local trips.

You can help our cause by becoming a supporter of Bike Friendly Arlington at no cost to your business. Here’s how it works:

Submit a contact name and phone number or email address for your business, along with the address of your location and we’ll post it on our blog as a bike-friendly business. To do so, all we ask is that you offer some sort of incentive for cyclists to ride their bikes to your location. i.e., a discount for patrons who ride their bikes. In return, we’ll give you a window decal to display on your storefront and list your offer on our blog and social media pages.

To list your business, fill out this form.




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