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I found your website  If downtown Arlington is ever going to be a destination instead of just a pass through part of town, Abram Street needs to be transformed from a car-centric thoroughfare into a walkable, bikable public street.

People Like to Feel Safe

Abram street doesn’t provide a safe environment to pedestrians. The Parks Mall does. Even the Highlands is more walking friendly than Abram Street. Maybe if Abram had a safer corridor (provided by on street parking, and slower vehicular traffic) people would get out of their cars more, actually shop.

 People Like to See Other People

Abram Street is a pass through. There is not much reason for people to stop because there is no street activity (unless Fuzzy’s customer line gets too long). The only way we know that there are people visiting the businesses on Abram Street are by the cars in the parking lots.

Slower Traffic Would Benefit Business

Please drive down Abram going with the flow of traffic and count how many signs you see.
Then ride you bike down Abram. How many signs did you see?
Now walk. How many signs?

Businesses Like People, Not Street Patterns

You say that “more business and others of every type will continue to find Abram attractive so long as we keep the street pattern as it is.” Then why are Babes and Magic Mushroom located on a road with on-street parking and a wide sidewalk? Why didn’t they go to Abram?

There Are More Ways to Travel than By Car

Abram is a car-centric street, but customers can travel by more than just car. The high speeds of Abram and narrow, broken sidewalks discourage walking and bicycle riding.

Become Informed

You encourage the visitors to your site to “Become Informed.” That is a great idea. There is plenty of writing out there that supports the points I’ve laid out above. You can round out your views by reading the studies below. Please feel free to link the studies below to your own webpage so that your readers / other businesses / patrons can stay informed as well. I would be interested and I’m sure others would be too in seeing any studies, articles, facts, that you might have to support the claims you make on your webpage.

Our friends at Bike Friendly Oak Cliff are bringing back Cyclesomatic – four days of bike fun from Oct. 14th – 17th!

This year they are hosting a ride from Fort Worth to Dallas, so, consider hopping on the TRE to ride with them – check out the facebook event.

Other events include an alley cat race, a bike photo scavenger hunt, a kiddical mass ride, and other group rides – check out all the details at their site!




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