Sign our petition to show your support of the hike and bike plan!

Show your support of the Hike and Bike Plan!

And if you’re interested in seeing a transformed, people-friendly Abram Street, please also sign this petition and learn about Friendly Arlington Neighborhoods and Streets!

  1. Matt

    I cannot believe the guy who owns Lone Star Comics (where I’ve shopped for years), is leading the charge opposed to the bike plan. Doesn’t he realize that his customer base is predominately students like me who can’t afford a car and want a safe place to bike? After this stunt of his, I’m officially boycotting his store and telling everyone I know to do the same. I don’t own a car because I can’t afford to spend $500 a month on a payment and gas and insurance. Ironically, with the money I save by bicycling, I can spend more on comic books…I’m happy to take my business elsewhere now.

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