Reason for Support #30: You get more infrastructure for the investment

Those opposed to the Plan like to pull out the Plan’s price tag for initial projects: approximately $16 million dollars. They also heap upon that all kinds of hyperbole and misstatements about additional costs. They grab their follower’s attention with exaggeration and cast aspersions on the plan without ever putting things in perspective.

So let’s do that. Put things into perspective.

Will the implementation of the Plan cost money? Yes, $16 million, spread over 10-15 years, with some projects costing more than others, completed at different times throughout the implementation of the Plan. Those opposed to the Plan focus on bike lanes / markings and the $16,000,000 is tied to the implementation of just these projects.

How much would the initial bike striping and signage cost? Approximately $355,173 or 1.87% of the street infrastructure budget (Source: H&B Plan, Appendix C).

The proof:  this is how much money is currently spent on transportation infrastructure projects:

The FY2009 Streets Cost was $18,100,209 (actual)

The FY2010 Streets Cost was $ 21,170,900 (estimate)

The FY2011 Streets Cost is $18,959,844 (budgeted)

(Source: FY2011 Adopted Budget & Business Plan p137)

Those that bemoan the price tag of implementing the Plan say the money should be used to repair roads in Arlington, but the fact of the matter is you couldn’t re-pave 1/2 mile of a single-lane road for $355k/year.

What could you get for $355k?

You could get a start on the full built out plan that gives you way more infrastructure for capital investment:

(Source: Mobility in Arlington p. 5)

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