Environmental Health Impacts Human Health

Improvement to Air Quality. Increased walking and bicycling infrastructure will encourage more walking and biking for short trips for running errands, shopping, and entertainment, as well as traveling to work, and this will reduce automobile exhaust emissions.

The city estimates an improvement to air quality[1] as a result of these plans:

  • a reduction of 338 pounds per day in volatile organic compounds (VOC) emitted into the air;
  • a reduction of 252 pounds per day in nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted into the air.

Improvement to Water Quality. There will also be an improvement to water quality in our creeks and rivers:

  • The new TDP will scale back the increase in roads.  The increase will be 216 lane miles instead of 348 lane miles, and this means less concrete on the land, less stormwater mixing with oil and grease on the road, and less stormwater runoff and less pollution in our waterways.

[1] Mobility in Arlington, February 2011, page 2.


  1. 1 In the Year 2031… « Bike Friendly Arlington

    […] to do so despite all the research and supporting studies presented to show the safety, health, and environmental benefits of bicycling […]

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