Town Hall Meetings!

Remember back in February when P&Z voted to recommend the Thoroughfare Development Plan and Hike & Bike Plan? That was great, wasn’t it? Oh the memories!

Well, guess what. It’s not over yet, and we need you to show up again to support the plans at two Town Hall Meetings (see upcoming meetings to the right, or in the news). These two meeting are happening because those in opposition weren’t happy that the Plans passed P&Z. Heck, they even looked surprised back in February. And why not?

Those in support outnumbered them 3:1.

Well, they weren’t happy and they wanted another forum to vent express themselves. If you were at the P&Z meetings, you know what to expect: more of this misleading statement hyperbole. For example:

“It’ll cost a billion dollars!” (actually, it’ll cost a fraction of the annual Public Works operating budget)

“I support bike trails in parks, but not on the streets!” (which actually goes against their fiscal responsibility riff. Bike trails in parks cost way more than bike lanes on streets. Way more. See above link. Or here.)

“Nobody will use them!” and the ancillary contradiction “Bike lanes will bring illegal immigrants!” (Actually 93.9% of those surveyed say they’d use them if built)

“It’ll cause congestion!” (Completely False and those opposed know it. So much so that they ommitted info from their update.; bike lanes will be added to streets that are already wide enough to accommodate them and to roads that have been over engineered for the current/future vehicle load on them.)

So, in order to show the opposition, that yet again, they can be outshone 3:1 we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you show up with your support for the plan. Because we have read the plan and understand the plan, we support it. You should definitely read the Plan here and see what could be in store for Arlington. But for those of you looking for a quick list, here it is:

The Plan will help create a system of bike lanes that will GIVE people CHOICES about how they get around town. It will FACILITATE bicycle and pedestrian MOVEMENT throughout Arlington without impacting vehicular movement. Bike are already allowed on the steets, but adding bike lanes will make that kind of movement SAFER.

For those that bicycle now it should be no surprise that bicycling is a HEALTHY form of transportation that SAVE YOU MONEY and keeps that money in the LOCAL ECONOMY so we can buy items like food, or comic books instead of sending it abroad to foreign oil companies.

A city with BICYCLE INFRASTRUCTURE is a COMPETITIVE city because bicycle infrastructure is an ATTRACTIVE AMENITY to home buyers. It can RAISE PROPERTY VALUES and bring in NEW ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES.

When we talk with people about the Bike Plan the first question we always get is: Who would oppose bike lanes in the first place? All we can say is – laced with a hint of saracasm – “Good question.”

  1. We need to get as many out tonight and thursday night as possible to fight off Buddy Saunders and his disinformation squad.

  2. When I initially commented I clicked the
    “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now
    each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?
    Bless you!

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