Arlington’s Hike & Bike Master Plan Built to Completion

By Bike Friendly Arlington

ARLINGTON, TX — April 07, 2031

It has been almost 20 years since Arlington adopted the Hike & Bike Master Plan, but the plan will see the final build out of bicycle infrastructure this weekend at a re-striping ceremony held at the corner of UTA blvd and Davis St.

The plan was adopted by the city council in the spring of 2011 and was implemented over the course of 20 years as roads were repaved, restriped, and funds became available for the off-street component of the plan.  Initially projected as a 30-40 year plan, the “if you build it, they will come” support of the bicycle lanes led to a faster than predicted implementation of the on-street and off-street bicycle infrastructure.

Long time resident and bicyclist, John Goldsprints was a student at UTA when the plan was adopted and remembers what it was like before the bike lanes and trails were a common sight in Arlington. “I remember when the plan went through. There was a pent up demand for more bike infrastructure that turned into some great momentum. But I also remember that the plan almost didn’t pass because those opposed were good at spreading their misinformation to Council and other residents. And they continued to do so despite all the research and supporting studies presented to show the safety, health, and environmental benefits of bicycling infrastructure.”

The city’s Economic Development Director, Sarah Friendly also commented on economic impacts that the bicycling infrastructure has had on Arlington over the past 20 years. “When the plan was first adopted, the City knew that it was an engine for economic development and it would give Arlington a competitive advantage over other bike friendly cities in the Metroplex like Fort Worth and Dallas. At the time of adoption, Arlington was aging in place and we needed a younger tax base. The city knew that investing in on-street and off-street bicycle infrastructure would help attract the younger generation looking for more transportation options.”


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