Acme Bike Co: Arlington’s Newest Bike Shop!

Arlington is a city of over 360,000 people in an area of almost 100 square miles. But until recently we’ve only had one full-service, bikes only, bike shop. We’ve needed another one for a while, and we finally have one in downtown Arlington: Acme Bike Co!

Acme was opened by the same guys who opened Trinity Bicycles in Fort Worth. They’ve done great work there in regards to bike advocacy and running a bike shop that is truly friendly to everyone.

Meet Acme’s owners: Bernie:

and Bryan:

Acme has only been officially open for a month, but they’ve already become a sort of community center of sorts, serving as the starting point for a recent alley cat race and hosting Lonestar Goldsprints for their grand opening party.  And Acme’s bike advocacy is going strong in Arlington – they sponsored a first round of shirts to support the proposed hike and bike plan:

Acme is located at 603A East Abram Street. Their front is still a little unassuming, but that’s them at the old ABC Portrait Design:

Acme Bike Co is open Monday – Saturday, 11 to 5.
Shop number: 682.323.5698.
Check out their website and facebook page to stay up to date on specials and events.

Stop by soon to welcome Acme to the neighborhood!

  1. Alfaro

    Why is this still posted? This shop is non-existent. Do you know of a LBS in existence in the uta area?

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