Hike and Bike Plan passes (almost)!

Last night the City of Arlington Council Chambers were overflowing. Almost 100 people spoke – over 300 were in attendance. It was a long meeting with lots of amazing and inspiring speeches in support, and (as usual) plenty of misinformation, attacks, and ludicrous conspiracy theories in opposition.

Last Night’s Outcome

Council voted to approve the plan 5-4, with Robert Shephard, Sheri Capehart, Jimmy Bennett, Lana Wolff, and Kathryn Wilemon voting for the plan. Mayor Cluck and Council Members Patrick, Rivera, and LeBlanc voted against the plan.

The plan is not yet approved!

Arlington requires a second reading for all ordinances. It is entirely possible that some council members may change their vote the second time around. It’s rare, but it does happen occasionally.

Second Vote

So, when’s this second reading? It should be Tuesday, August 2nd, but Mayor Cluck mentioned that they could push it back if they felt they needed more time to discuss and debate the plan. As we hear more about this process we will post up here. Also: there should not be another public hearing – just a vote by council.

Vacation Time

It’s important to note that City Council is now on vacation, until the August 2nd meeting. While they shouldn’t be totally cut off from the world during the time, we should still be respectful that they are on a break and realize they’ve likely heard all our arguments. So, for now, thank our yes votes and mention how you look forward to their second vote of approval. As we get a better read on the situation closer to the second reading we may find a need for elaborating on why their vote was wonderful or why the no-votes should consider changing their vote.

[Easy copy-and-paste yes-votes email addresses: sheri.capehart@arlingtontx.gov; kathryn.wilemon@arlingtontx.gov; lana.wolff@arlingtontx.gov; robert.shepard@arlingtontx.gov; jimmy.bennett@arlingtontx.gov]

Star-Telegram photo by Richard W. Rodriguez

The Compromise

The plan council voted on last night was Option C. Robert Shephard proposed moving a few chapters to the Appendix to make them act more as recommendations and less as mandates. He also proposed not prohibiting parking in a bike lane. Sheri Capehart added back some bike facilities: numbers 9, 18, and 22 from our suggestions, as well as two bike lanes connecting to TCC on Southeast Parkway and Mansfield Webb Road. Hopefully the city will publish a new map soon so we can view the complete proposed plan.

Maybe this plan is not our optimal plan, but it’s a step in the right direction. As we are able to implement these facilities our opposition will be able to see the benefits they bring and will hopefully be open to more in the future. But for now, this is one step forward towards better freedom of transportation in Arlington.

Tread Carefully

The opposition is not going to let their guard down – any and all behavior will be scrutinized by the opposition, including the failure to obey traffic laws.

A Million Thank Yous to our Supporters!

Y’all were awesome last night and you have been wonderful throughout this long ordeal. The support from the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, UT Arlington, the Downtown Arlington Management Corporation, and the Arlington Convention & Visitor’s Bureau was incredible. We also want to thank our friends at Fort Worthology and all over the Metroplex. We especially appreciate our “yellow shirt” sponsors: Acme Bike Co., Mellow Mushroom, Tanstaafl Pub, Potager Cafe, Old School Pizza & SudsCody Rocamontes Memorial Skatepark, and Legacy Merch! You rock!

Press on the Web

For more on the plan, see these numerous posts:

Arlington Alive : Jim’s Bike Blog : BikeDFW : Nate Kogan : WFAAFort Worthology : Star Telegram : The Shorthorn

And remember, it’s not over yet! Continue to stay positive and up to date!

  1. BikerDude

    Check out this video! Seemed relevant. I can’t wait for the future. I think it will be great when we all get to travel around like they do in this video:


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