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Who is Bike Friendly Arlington? You! Bike Friendly Arlington is a bicycle advocacy group with a diverse membership. We appreciate all of our members—those who attended rides and events, those who rallied together during the Hike & Bike Plan meetings and emailed City Council members, and those who support us on Facebook. You posted “We Support Bike Lanes” signs in your yards and continue to give us friendly honks on the road. You make bicycles feel appreciated in Arlington. We really couldn’t do this without your support. Thank you.

What have we done for you lately?
This year, we not only helped pass the Arlington Hike & Bike Master Plan, but we also

  • Offered family-friendly rides on Sundays during the Fall and Spring
  • Organized pub roll rides for our 21+ members to support local businesses in the downtown and surrounding areas
  • Gained local business support for the Hike & Bike System Master Plan and donations to print yellow supporter t-shirts, and distributed them at the Arlington City Council hearings
  • Produced and distributed “We Support Bike Lanes” yard signs to residents
  • Rallied and organized members for each Hike and Bike Plan Town Hall Meetings and City Council hearing and spoke publicly about the benefits of the plan
  • Participated in community events such as the Arlington Fourth of July Parade and National Trails Day
  • Celebrated the Hike and Bike Plan’s approval on August 2, 2011
  • Partnered with The Bicycle Betties of Fort Worth and the Danielle LeBlanc Foundation to hold a benefit ride to raise over $700 for the SafeHaven of Tarrant County Women’s Shelter
  • Tabled at EcoFest, where we raffled off light sets, distributed bike safety information, and gained valuable information about our presence in the community

Rebuilding Bike Friendly. We admit we’ve taken a little break, but it’s time get back down to business. We’ve decided to restructure the organization to fulfill the growing demands of the community, to help implement the Hike and Bike Plan, and to get more riders on the road. We are reorganizing ourselves into a Board of Directors to increase our efficiency and effectiveness.

Community involvement. We’re reaching out to the community to increase ridership and to help promote BFA’s vision and mission. We’re actively recruiting ride leaders, program directors (who will organize specific programs or events), and volunteers for bicycle safety programs. If you are interested in volunteering as a program director, a ride leader, or an event volunteer, please email us:

Open Board Meeting. We want BFA members to see how we operate behind the scenes. We will hold a one-time open Board Meeting on October 17th, 2011 at 6:00pm at the Engineering Research Building (500 UTA Blvd.) Room 470. During the Board Meeting we will decide on BFA’s mission and vision, vote on Board Member policies and procedures, and elect Board Members.

Board of Directors. There will be 7 positions within BFA’s Board of Directors, Executive Director/Chair, Ride Event Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, Media Manager, Webmaster, and Advocacy Outreach Coordinator.

Call for Action. We’re seeking a qualified individual in the Arlington community to serve on the board. If you’re interested in becoming a BFA Board Member, please fill out a Board of Director’s application (PDF/DOC) and send it to Application deadline is November 1st, 2011, and the appointment will be made based on the selection and vote of the Board Members. Interested individuals are encouraged to attend the Oct. 17th Board Meeting.

BFA Board Members are expected to:

  • Meet once a month at an agreed upon time/place to plan events and programs
  • Understand and promote BFA’s mission
  • Participate in resource development and fundraising
  • Assist in membership development and ride leader recruitment
  • Advocate on behalf of BFA
  • Participate in and/or promote programs and events
  • Help educate the community about bicycle safety & infrastructure
  • Be friendly to motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists

BFA Board Members must:

Where is BFA now? We’ve launched a small advocacy campaign distributing spoke cards with the “Rules of the Road” to bicyclists on UTA’s campus. We look forward to organizing rides and events alongside businesses, community members, and DFW bicycle advocacy and cycling organizations.

Ride on!




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