District 8

At a glance, are they bike friendly?

  • Charla Hawkes-Vinyard – No
  • David Edward Berg – unknown
  • Faith Jimmie Chatham – Yes
  • Michael D. Glaspie, Sr. – No
  • Will Clark – unknown


  1. How often do you ride bikes?
  2. What will you do to promote bicycling and increase the number of people who use bicycles for transportation and commuting?
  3. How do you see the hike-and-bike plan as fitting into the city’s transportation network?
  4. What do you think is the best way to allocate the public works money to car, bicycle and pedestrian projects? Specifically, should the proportion of funds to bike infrastructure be less than/equal to/or greater than the present?
  5. Would you support a 3-foot to pass law in Arlington? (A law requiring vehicles to give cyclists three feet of clearance when passing them on the road.)
  6. Not every city building and not even every city park has bike racks. What would you do to increase the number of bike parking in the city?
  7. Plano, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin have each hired a staff Bicycle Coordinator and a Bicycle Advisory Committee. Would you support hiring of a Bicycle Coordinator or creating such a committee in Arlington?

Candidate answers

Charla Hawkes-Vinyard

  • Mrs. Hawkes-Vinyard has not yet replied to the survey.

BFA Note: While on P&Z, she voted against the Hike & Bike plan and made that clear again on a campaign mailer.

David Edward Berg

  • Mr. Berg has not yet replied to the survey.

Faith Jimmie Chatham

  1. I was in a wheel chair until last year and am still mobility challenged so I have not been on a bike outside for years. However, this year I have been in the YMCA South Cooper St pool regularly and have begun riding the stationary bike.  I hope eventually to build up my strength and time and be able to ride outside again.
  2. I’d like to see bike trails through green spaces  which connect to accessible and less dangerous routes. I do not favor converting traffic lanes to bike lanes.  I’d like to see wider sidewalks without barriers for both bikers and wheel chairs and pedestrians.  I want to see the diagonal curb cuts eliminated and a return to the parallel curb cuts so that it is not necessary to go out into both lanes of traffic to enter a cross walk from a sidewalk.  Idealistically, bikers could share sidewalks with hikers and wheel chairs if the sidewalks are wide enough and barrier free and they are adjacent to high traffic roadways.
  3. It is a part of it but the particular hike and bike plan considered by the city recently was not a particularly good one.  Instead of converting traffic lanes, the bike trails should truly be bike trails. This plan merely creates resentment between the bike community and the motorist and I fear will delay rather than facilitate a good hike and bike plan.
  4. I am not sure what the current level is.  It is probably not very much right now.
  5. Probably. There may be some roadways that if 3 foot to pass is enacted would need to be restricted from bicycles because of traffic count and narrow roadways. This is something that has serious merit and I’d seriously consider it.
  6. This is something that a non profit organization   could present a grant application for to the Tomorrow Fund.
  7. The committee would be good.  Probably funding would be better if someone from Community Services was appointed as the liaison.

Michael D. Glaspie, Sr.

  1. Very seldom.
  2. I believe the potential benefits of alternative modes of transportation, such as, bicycles have to be explained and justified to the community.
  3. The demand for providing hike and bike options must be defined and met appropriately.
  4. Public works funding have to be allocated on the basis of demand. As the demand for bike infrastructure increases then the funding should increase proportionately.
  5. I would support whatever is necessary to assure the safety of both driver and biker.
  6. Racks can be put in place as needed and as numbers dictate.
  7. The Committee may be appropriate in near future but Coordinator is a position that should be justified since it would necessitate allocating City funds.

Will Clark

  • Mr. Clark has not yet responded to the survey.

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