District 1 – Run off election – Important!

Thanks for biking the vote last month.

Congratulations to Mrs. Capehart (D2), Mr. Shephard (D6), Mr. Bennett (D7), and Mr. Glaspie (D8) on their electoral victories.

But wait… It’s not over for those in District 1.

There’s a runoff between Mr. Charlie Parker and Mr.  Bill Verkest.

At a Glance are the candidates bike friendly?

Charlie Parker – No

Bill Verkest – Yes

Vote tomorrow (Saturday June 23rd) if you haven’t already

Polling places are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. In total, there are six voting locations in District 1.

Nichols Jr. High – 2001 Ascension Blvd
Northeast Library – 1905 E Brown Blvd
Pope Elementary – 901 Chestnut Dr
Shackelford Jr. High – 2000 N Fielder
Sherrod Elementary – 2626 Lincoln Dr
Webb Elementary – 1200 N Cooper St.

We think there should be a bike limbo competition instead of an election, but our calls to the city secretary’s office were never returned.low rider

Source: Acme Bikes


Am I in District 1? Here is a district map. A bigger version can be found here.

More Info

The City’s secretary has campaign finance information here. You can learn about all the candidates through the Chamber of Commerce’s website: VoteforArlington.com. The League of Women Voters has a good candidate handout (PDF).

And here are some news articles that can inform you on the positions of various candidates and what they’ve said to the press:

Star Telegram



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