Friday News Roundup


A Texas A&M study found the DFW Metroplex to be the 13th most stress full for our commuters.  (Study)

In 2009 a some people in a Colorado city wanted bicycles off the road. This week the Colorado Supreme Court overturned the city of BlackHawk’s ordinance to ban bicycles. (Yahoo)

We all know biking makes you smarter. But the science of why and how is still untapped. (TheAtlantic)

BikeDallas wants to do a critical mass on Central Express way, but the Texas Department of Transportation says they need permission to close the bridge. (CBS Local)

Dallas-based company SCA Promotions Inc. is suing Lance Armstrong for $12 billion in prize money it gave him for three of his Tour de France wins. (SanFranciscoChronicle)

The utility poles on Division St. will be gone soon. (

“A chicken in every pot and a bicycles in every drive way!” A Malta citizen asks the local newspaper why no bicycles for all? (TimesOfMalta)

…And don’t forget to join us at the Trinity Bicycles hosted Bike Swap at Rahr & Sons Brewery this Sunday. You can ride there with us. Or meet at the eventRahr & Sons Brewing Co. 701 Galveston Ave, Fort Worth, Texas 76104

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