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News Round Up


Bike Texas recaps the National Bike Summit in Washington D.C.  and the League of American Bicyclists has a photo slide show.

Senators re-introduced a bill to the Texas Legislature that would require city planners to consider all modes of transportation — like bicycles and walking — when drafting transportation projects. Sens. Bob Deuell, R-Greenville, and Rodney Ellis, D-Houston, filed the “Complete Streets” bill, SB 565, which is identical to Ellis’s bill that failed to leave the Senate in 2011. — Houston Chronicle
Get involved by signing Bike Texas’s Complete Streets petition.

If you’re looking for another way to be more involved, we’ll be the Cyclist in Suits on March 21th. Sign up to join Bike Texas for a bus ride from Dallas or Forth Worth to Austin and speak to your Legislative representatives.

If you’re going down to Austin this week, you can rent a bike for the day or the whole week. — Bike Texas bike rental

Bike Friendly Arlington Events

Tuesday Night Ride. Every Tuesday night we leave from the patio of Twisted Root Burger and Hooligan. We’ll meet at 6:30, but will wait 15 or 30 minutes before leaving.

Saturday, March 16, we’ll take the train to Dallas to ride in the St. Patrick’s Day Bicycle Parade.

Saturday, March 30, we’ll ride from downtown Arlington to Grapevine Lake for a night of camping with other cyclists from the metroplex. There’s a group leaving from North Richland Hills and a group leaving from Dallas.

Sunday, March 31 Come celebrate Bike Friendly Arlington’s birthday for our easter picnic and egg hunt.

Wednesday, April 17, We’ll be at UTA for the campus’s Earth Day activities.

News Round up


Hit and run in Dallas

Sunday night two cyclists were struck in a hit and run when a driver ran a red light, while the two were on their way home. According to the Dallas Morning News Blog the couple did not receive medical attention at the scene, but later Sean Clancy, who works at the International Bowling Congress in Arlington, was admitted to the emergency room for symptoms of a concussion. Clancy’s fiance Malanie Jarrett told the Morning News that they are both lucky to be alive and probably will want to take action.

According to Dallas Police Spokeswoman Sherri Jeffrey said an arrest has not been made yet, even though police have the license plate number. She added that these things take time and an out of date registration could have an inaccurate address. Anyone with questions about the incident can call the communications office at 214-671-4065.

We are urging cycling advocates, and Dallas residents especially, to contact their representatives. Contact all of the city council here, the mayor here or your individual representative here. We’ve drafted a possible letter below, feel free to add comments or write your own.

I’m writing in regard to incident # 0051194-A. This was a hit and run at Gaston and Hall, March 3, 2013. I hope you have someone assigned to bring the driver to justice. This is not an issue of a motor-vehicle accident so much as it is an issue of assault. These two are lucky to be alive. Since you have a license number, then you have a name and address. There’s no good reason not to move forward with it. Thank you for keeping our city and city streets safe.

One a related note, the League of American Bicyclists is asking its members to write the Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, and insist on a specific national goal to reduce the number of pedestrian and bicyclist injuries or deaths on public roads. The US Department of Transportation is required by law to establish national safety goals, but bikes and pedestrians are not included in those new safety goals. You can add your voice here.



The BBC takes a crack at why motorists hate cyclists.
Brooklyn bike lanes expand as long as support remains.
A recumbent cyclist left Gainesville, Florida last Monday to continue his inspirational 30,000 mile ride around the US.
Cycling and paddling the Trinity River and trails. Trinity Trails blog.



Today join Bike-Friendly Mid-Cities on a short ride with Greek food. Facebook event. We’ll be joining them later this month for a sub 24 hour overnight bicycle camping event. Be sure to check back for more on that.

Tuesday night is our regular weekly night ride.

Wednesday the weekly rolling town hall meetings with Mayor Betsy Price continue. Full list of those events are on the Dallas city website.

Friday is Cycling Savvy DFW’s March workshop in Dallas.

Saturday is Frankenbike bike swap event in Fort Worth. Join other cyclists from the metroplex to swap bikes and bike stories. The event is at Avoca Coffee from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Also Saturday, ride to Austin from dallas next weekend for SXSFixed. A three-day, 230 mile ride to Austin traditionally only for fixed gear bikes, but all cycles are welcome.

Sunday afternoon join us for our weekly Sunday Funday ride.

As always feel free to point out any news or event we missed in our round up. We know these usually go out on Friday, but we’re going to try Mondays, so you know what to look for the rest of the week. Please, feel free to leave us a comment or send us an email at



ImageBike Friendly Arlington’s second yearly food drive went off with out a hitch last week (except that flat in the first five minutes, thanks for the tube Jeremy). Five dedicated riders took off early in search of the nonperishable foods, to the hundreds of houses where we’d passed out flyers. We averaged about one pick up per-neighbor hood. The ride took most of the morning and Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex was very positive and thanked us many times for our help. We do the drive every year after the holidays so check back in 2014 for more info.





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