Food Drive (but with bikes) Recap

ImageBike Friendly Arlington’s second yearly food drive went off with out a hitch last week (except that flat in the first five minutes, thanks for the tube Jeremy). Five dedicated riders took off early in search of the nonperishable foods, to the hundreds of houses where we’d passed out flyers. We averaged about one pick up per-neighbor hood. The ride took most of the morning and Mission Arlington/Mission Metroplex was very positive and thanked us many times for our help. We do the drive every year after the holidays so check back in 2014 for more info.


  1. Ed,Glad you feel this way. I would like to invite you to the November 11 Washington Township Committee Work Session where I will presnet the mailer mentioned above to Mayor Ken Short and ask he provide proof it correctly states he held our average tax increase to 2% during his tenure when certified Morris County tax records show the average increase to be 3.4%, which is 70% higher.

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