Overnighter with Bike Friendly Everyone

Simultaneously in different locations across the metroplex cyclists were packing their panniers or clipping into their pedals. We would soon converge at the same location to do one thing and one thing only: party.


The Dallas and Arlington group slept in on Sunday morning, but clearly we are energized! Next time, we’ll get the group picture the night before.

Big thanks to Bike Friendly Midcities for putting the event together. The first — of hopefully many — one-day camping trips was a big hit with us. A S24HO (sub 24 hour overnighter) is meant to be an alternative to the state-line-crossing bike tours. It always last less than 24 hours so you can get back to your real life, in an out in time for laundry the next day.


Fueling up for the ride!

Two of us set out from Arlington a little after noon. Leaving from Fuzzy’s Tacos we had a tail wind just about the whole way, and in less than two hours we were setting up camp.


Some of the Dallas crew, some of the Arlington crew and some of the Mid-Cities crew pose for a picture with the delicious cupcakes. BFMC cyclist Lisa Tilley made a batch of “BFF,” butter finger forever and S240 s’mores just for the camping trip!

Later that afternoon the group from Dallas and Bike Friendly Midcities joined us. Big thanks to one BFMC’s cyclist who couldn’t make it, but had cupcakes waiting for us.


That night there was a bike ride, a campfire and all the typical campsite shenanigans. Early the next morning BFMC left, a little later that morning — after camping luxuries like coffee and eggs — the BFA and Dallas crew rolled out as well. 


Super cyclist Tony Tennant gives a big smile while he prepares the fire wood for the night. In the background the Bike Friendly Mid-cities group’s bikes rest on a pole (yes, that IS a cargo bike on the left).


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