The City of Arlington has two important plans up for approval: the Hike and Bike System Master Plan (HBP) and the Thoroughfare Development Plan (TDP).

The proposed TDP is important because, besides improving general vehicle traffic overall, some roads will never be increased in width (as they are currently slated to do), allowing for possible on-street bicycle infrastructure. So, in essence, the TDP and Hike and Bike Plan go hand-in-hand. Because of that they are up for approval at the same meetings. You can learn more about both plans in this PDF prepared by the city.

To show your support for these plans, you can do the following important steps:

1) Tell your friends about these plans and the need for their support

Send this link to them via email, or post it on your Facebook Page.

2) Come out to support the plans!

See the upcoming meetings list to the right —>

3) Send an e-mail to council members showing your support for the plan.

Subject: I support the Hike & Bike plan and Thoroughfare Development Plan. Please vote to approve the plans

You can copy and paste their addresses into your “To:” field;;;;;;;;

Need some inspiration?  Check out our sample Letter of Support.

4) Sign our online petition by clicking on the link below:

5) Sign up for our mailing list to stay in the know!

6) Learn more about the plans from these links:
Draft Hike and Bike System Master Plan
Thoroughfare Development Plan


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